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NAWIC National Conference (15th November 16:30 – 21:00)

Enough talk! Let’s walk!

This year, the NAWIC National conference will be hosted by NAWIC London and South East at RICS in Parliament Square and as well as providing attendees with the tools they need to make a positive change in their immediate environment and the industry as a whole, the conference will support RICS’ Equality Diversity Inclusion agenda by working together to find ways in which members from diverse backgrounds could become more involved in their programme of events. It is through collaborations such as this that we can change the industry for the better.

How to book:

  1. Visit the conference site
  2. Choose 2 plenary discussions and 1 workshop from the agenda
  3. Go to the Register area and follow the easy steps, this is where you will confirm your choices


The NAWIC National conference, which is expected to attract 200 people, will showcase inspirational women making real change in their professions. Alongside this, we will be holding a series of debates and practical workshops.

The drive behind our work is to equip attendees with the skills to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers in the construction industry. And in return, we ask of them to reciprocate by making a pledge to help promote change within their own organisations. By working together, we want to level the playing field and end stereotypes in our industry.

With each ticket, you will be able to attend two plenary discussions and one workshop.

The plenary discussions are:

Beyond the impostor syndrome:

  • The lack of female presence on boards and of visible role models has been highlighted as a clear obstacle when attracting diversity into our industry.Repeatedly, studies show women do not apply for jobs or promotions unless they are 100% qualified for the job. Unfortunately, they also show that women are less likely to put themselves forward to attend training, conferences and networking opportunities and yet we know that in order to progress professionally, one cannot solely rely on knowledge and good work. In fact at the managerial level, visibility counts for 90% of success.So, what can we do to re-frame the way we approach challenges? (Speakers HERE)

The Female Boss

  • This panel of highly experienced women from our industry and beyond will discuss what it is like to be a female boss in 2019.Expectations, opportunities and challenges we need to be aware of.We will explore examples in which teams may have benefited from female leadership. Share key aspects in which diverse leadership has helped shape a company. And even raise awareness of tools we might not be aware of which can help us lead teams to success. (Speakers HERE)

The Value of Diversity Driven Networks

  • Diversity is good for business and yet our industry seems to struggle to widen the search for talent. With this unique panel of diversity champions from our industry, we aim at identifying what our industry can take away from grass roots initiatives.From personal drives to implementable initiatives and opportunities , we want to empower attendees to make a difference in their every day context.

The Workshops are:

  • Designing Your Network Consciously (Learn how to make the most of your Social Capital)
  • Start Mentoring (for those looking to start mentoring now)
  • Negotiation Skills (Gain negotiation skills)
  • Developing a Strong Mind (Learn how to look after your biggest asset)
  • Public Speaking Skills (Getting it right)
  • Collaboration (Learn how to get the best of your team.)

Do you know what your choices will be?

The Venue
RICS London
12 Great George Street

Sponsorship Opportunities

Why sponsor?

  • NAWIC UK and Ireland is a Not-For-Profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who give their time in support of an industry they feel passionate about. We work in partnership with companies and organisations to make sure we reach out as far afield as we possibly can.
  • Those include among others, The Dept. Of Public Appointments, APPG4EBE, Construction Youth Trust, BBC, Girl Guiding, Women into Construction, Built by Us ( BBU), Young Women Trust (YWT), RIBA- AFC, RICS, CIC, Women in Architecture, Mipim Ladies, Building People and WCoC. We also assess and contribute to the programming of events such as London Build, WICE Awards, FT Summits and WIC Summit.
  • Our research shows that affordability is vital to further the development and retention of women in the industry and your support will enable us to deliver the conference in a truly affordable manner. By sponsoring the national conference, you will be helping us promote the positives in the Construction Industry and to access a wider range of talent.

Sponsorship packages

What’s Included?

This year, our conference will feature talks, workshops and an ideas hub simultaneously across several rooms.

Each sponsorship package costs £500. For that you will receive:

  • Promotion of your company on the national, regional and conference websites
  • Posts on social media publicising your support of the conference
  • Details of your sponsorship on our national and regional newsletters promoting the event
  • Information on your company included in the conference booklet
  • Opportunity to display your company pull up banners in the networking room
  • Your logo included on our photography backdrop wall
  • Two annual memberships to NAWIC (with a value of £45 each) These give access to the conference for two members of your team

How to sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s National Conference, please email

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