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Image by Morley von Sternberg, Part of “The Image of Women in Construction”

In a multicultural society where the communities we design for and the client bodies we design with are diverse, so should our teams.

Becoming a NAWIC London and South East Member gives you access to an established national network of individuals who are actively seeking to make a difference from within an industry they feel passionate about, both supporting their peers and engaging the next generation.

Within our region , we run events on areas such as Skills Building, Business Know-how, Sharing of Best Practice and Engagement. We also offer Formal Networking Opportunities and raise awareness though debate and pertnerships and  through projects such as our collaboration with Photographer Morley Von Sternberg “The Image of Women in Construction”.


Repeatedly, studies show women do not apply for jobs or promotions unless they are 100% qualified for the job.

Unfortunately, they also show that women are less likely to put themselves forward to attend training, conferences and networking opportunities.

Yet, “in order to progress professionally, one cannot solely rely on knowledge and good work.
At the managerial level, visibility counts for 90% of success.
Increasing one’s visibility and growing one’s network are requirements if one is to progress within an organisation.”
EDIT Development, at the NAWIC LDN&SE “Challenging bias” session.

This is why our membership focuses on three key areas which are proven to benefit the progression of women working in any industry:





Individuals working within or supplying goods/services to the industry and individuals looking to join/reconnect with the industry.

£52 per annum

Preferential Rates on all our events
Complimentary Access to Members-only events
Priority Ticket Sales
Discounts on Training and Key Industry Events
Exclusive Members' content
Shape our Programme by volunteering with us


Companies working within or supplying goods/services to the industry or those looking to tap into the construction industry.

£47 pp, per annum (min purchase 5 same region)

Same benefits as Individual memberships
Access to our network of coaches
Logo on our website
Sponsorship Opportunities
Business leads


Individuals studying/ training to join the construction industry. (This is a sponsored membership, please don't feel offended when we ask you for proof of status)

£15 per annum

Same benefits as Individual memberships
Valuable industry insight
Head start to your career
Mentoring opportunities


"I wanted not only to change the attitudes"

“ I wanted to influence the next generation of women by showing them role models and encourage them to consider the many prospects within construction”

"It has helped me become a better architect."

“After years leading multidisciplinary teams, it was while volunteering at NAWIC that I was able to gain an insight of the everyday challenges other professions face. ”

“NAWIC boosted my confidence "

“It has offered me access to engaged professional contacts from within the industry and to industry specific events and research. ”

“I wanted to promote the positives.”

“I joined NAWIC to support women to thrive within construction.”

“I found support"

"Both professionally and personally it has helped me in many ways”

“I have cherished meeting inspirational champions "

“Getting involved with behind the scenes research and campaigns have enriched me and made me determined to help drive change to the Industry.”

“Volunteering helps you grow and develop..."

“...while helping others on their way in or within the construction industry”.

"NAWIC is a respite from male-dominated construction events."

"Being a close-knit network, it has given me great opportunities to build up relationships, both professional and personal."

"I find the different techniques and materials used in construction fascinating."

“This has led to my involvement with NAWIC”

“NAWIC has allowed me to grow my network."

"As a business owner, it was important to meet like-minded people who would support my business development"

“Being part of NAWIC means what being part of the construction industry should be"

“Working as part of a diverse team to deliver outcomes that will change people’s views and experiences about the construction industry.”

“I joined NAWIC attracted and intrigued by the variety and diversity"

“I stayed because I found an incredibly supportive network. Whether it is for your professional or personal development, there is always a point of reference and a friendly face ready offer a smile and an advice.”



Image by Morley von Sternberg, Part of “The Image of Women in Construction”


Please allow for a 5-day response


Please submit your membership queries using the form. We will aim at responding to your emails within 5 days.

For any other queries, you will find the relevant emails in the relevant section of this website’s Home Page (LINK)

Please note that, as volunteers with day jobs and businesses to run, we cannot check our emails daily, therefore for any urgent queries, please send us a DM using Twitter to alert us of your urgent email.

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