We are aware that Continuous Professional Development, or CPD, is a key part of the lives of any individual working within our industry and hence,
we collaborate with a small network of coaches and experts to provide access to affordable first-class training and to help our network further their careers.
In addition to this, we actively develop initiatives and projects, with the help of our members,
to raise awareness of the opportunities to be found in construction and to engage the next generation of built environment shappers.


Public Speaking,
Resilience Building,
Business Planning,
Mental Health Awareness,
Personal Development


Business Breakfast Club,
Mipim Networking,
Members meetup,
Supply-Chain Meetup


Career Days,
The image of women in construction,
Girl guiding Collaboration
Peer to Peer mentoring


Site Visits,
Topical Debates,
WELL Standards
NAWIC Green month


"The I in the Team"

"Thanks to @NawicLDN and @KarenFugle for 'The 'I' in the Team' seminar yesterday. Great way to explore teamwork and team roles with LEGO Serious Play! " HTS_London

"The image of women in construction"

"Pleased to be involved with Women and Construction. Pictured with our TreeRadar. @morleyvon @ImageofWiC @NawicLDN " Sharon Hosegood

"NAWIC & Girl Guiding, Impact Event"

"Lots of fun this afternoon for NAWIC volunteers building homes, neighbourhoods & bridges, inspiring the next generation!" Jo Ellingham


Image by Morley von Sternberg, Part of “The Image of Women in Construction”

London and the South East is the largest of all the NAWIC UK & Ireland regions.

With 80% of the overall membership, we are committed to transforming the industry on to one which reflects the diversity of our society, shifting the agenda from gender to ability and putting an end to stereotypes.

As well as organising a range of networking, training and personal development events where our members have the opportunity to meet each other and grow their network, we also collaborate with a variety of diversity-driven organisations by partnering on events, sharing best practice and opportunities.

Those include Women into Construction, The Young Women Trust, RIBA, AFC, Fluid Mentoring, Built by Us, Women on the Tools, Built by Both and Women in Architecture among others. And support events such as London Build, WICE Awards, FT and WIC Summit


The team behind the ever ambitious programme of activities within our region is formed of volunteers who share the vision of the NAWIC founders
and want to create a more diverse industry by highlighting the work of their peers, supporting their development and raising an interest  among younger audiences.

Annie Clift
Annie Clift
Rosemary Silver
Rosemary Silver
Deputy Chair
Marianna Bia
Marianna Bia
Karen Rothwell
Karen Rothwell
Committee Member
Chloe Xidhas
Chloe Xidhas
Committee Member
Lucia Luo
Lucia Luo
Committee Member
Cristina Lanz Azcarate
Cristina Lanz Azcarate
Committee Member
Morley Von Sternberg
Morley Von Sternberg
IWC Portrait Photographer


Vanessa Cazaubon
Vanessa Cazaubon
Committee Member
Beatrice Ronchetti
Beatrice Ronchetti
Committee Member


"I wanted not only to change the attitudes"

“ I wanted to influence the next generation of women by showing them role models and encourage them to consider the many prospects within construction”

"It has helped me become a better architect."

“After years leading multidisciplinary teams, it was while volunteering at NAWIC that I was able to gain an insight of the everyday challenges other professions face. ”

“NAWIC boosted my confidence "

“It has offered me access to engaged professional contacts from within the industry and to industry specific events and research. ”

“I wanted to promote the positives.”

“I joined NAWIC to support women to thrive within construction.”

“I found support"

"Both professionally and personally it has helped me in many ways”

“I have cherished meeting inspirational champions "

“Getting involved with behind the scenes research and campaigns have enriched me and made me determined to help drive change to the Industry.”

“Volunteering helps you grow and develop..."

“...while helping others on their way in or within the construction industry”.

"NAWIC is a respite from male-dominated construction events."

"Being a close-knit network, it has given me great opportunities to build up relationships, both professional and personal."

"I find the different techniques and materials used in construction fascinating."

“This has led to my involvement with NAWIC”

“NAWIC has allowed me to grow my network."

"As a business owner, it was important to meet like-minded people who would support my business development"

“Being part of NAWIC means what being part of the construction industry should be"

“Working as part of a diverse team to deliver outcomes that will change people’s views and experiences about the construction industry.”

“I joined NAWIC attracted and intrigued by the variety and diversity"

“I stayed because I found an incredibly supportive network. Whether it is for your professional or personal development, there is always a point of reference and a friendly face ready offer a smile and an advice.”


Do you want to join the committee? Perhaps you would like to get more involved with NAWIC, but don’t have the free time to commit to joining the committee on a long term basis?


Image by Morley von Sternberg, Part of “The Image of Women in Construction”


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    Please note that, as volunteers with day jobs and businesses to run, we cannot check our emails daily, therefore for any urgent queries, please send us a Tweet and let us know of your urgent email.

    We will aim at responding to your emails within 5 days.

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