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You’ve been promoted, now what?

Join us for the popular NAWIC business breakfast club at the family-friendly time of 9:30 am.


In August we are going to have coach Gail Grace who has specialised in supporting women who have been promoted to make sure they can thrive in their new roles.

Gail will explain the difference between mentoring, sponsoring and coaching and will share her own experience which led to a change of career and her current role.

As someone who has experienced the difficulty of finding herself promoted and armed with the skills to do the job but overwhelmed by the pressure and expectation and left wondering if she was really good enough to succeed, she is able to offer a very practical point of view.

Gail’s research on this area has given her an insight you will want to hear about.

Find out more about Gail HERE


  • 9:30 Arrival and registration
  • 9:40 Introduction by the host
  • 9:50 Breakfast and networking
  • 10:30 Coaching, what is it about?.
  • 11:00 Q&A
  • 11:30 Goodbyes

(Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash)

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