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Turn up Your Strengths in the face of COVID 19


Date: 4th June starting 10.30am, please arrive at 10.25am

Your character strengths are the most positive part of your personality and they impact on how you think, feel and behave. These strengths can support you and help you to reconnect with your confidence and career in difficult times such as COVID 19.

But do you know what they are?

We are delighted that Gill How, a highly qualified business coach and leadership development consultant, is offering her very popular workshop as an engaging virtual event. The webinar will help our members discover and grow their individual strengths. Using demonstration, she will show how you can use your greatest assets to become happier and more successful, meeting your challenges in both your professional and personal life.

In this session Gill will take you through the process of:

·       Discovering your greatest strengths

·       Exploring how you can stretch those strengths

·       Working around weaknesses by focusing on your strengths

Gill specialises in strengths-based leadership, coaching and behaviour change programmes and it is her passion to help people stretch and grow and master operating in tough circumstances.

To read more about Gill and how she has helped numerous well-known organisations achieve their goals please visit:

Please note: to help you engage with and gain the most from the webinar, there is pre-work before the event – please complete your own strengths assessment on-line with this free tool:

Recent feedback from Gill’s Virtual Events in the UK and abroad include:

·       I found the workshop really valuable and engaging. My attention was held all the way through

·       Really enjoyed the session and got me thinking on how to identify strengths

·       Brilliant – I came away empowered and energised.

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