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NAWIC Webinar – Building Resilience

Good resilience capabilities make a huge difference in how we recover from setbacks, move forward and how quickly.

There will always be challenges that knock us in our career – such as promotion, redundancy, illness, a new job or stretching out of our comfort zone.
The pandemic has challenged us all on personal and professional domains, so knowing where your resilience strengths and weakness lie is more important than ever.


  • To understand what resilience is and is not
  • To understand the language around resilience
  • Capture your personal resilience levels today
  • Learn the 5 key resiliency capabilities
  • Have reflection time on resilience levels in your career
  • Leave with this to improving resiliency

 What guests will leave with

  • Be better equipped to handle challenges now and in the future
  • Understand why some past career challenges were more difficult than others
  • Identify your naturally high and low areas of resilience

Who should attend

This workshop is for both designers starting out in their career as those who are experienced professionals who would like to understand more about their resilience levels. Bite sized learning workshops are currently only open to BIID designer members.

About the Speaker

Karen Fugle, an Executive Coach and LEGO Serious Play facilitator, focuses on helping Architects, Designers, construction professionals and their organisations increase personal and business success. Through Executive Coaching and workshops, Karen cover areas such as: leadership skills, engaging employees, time/overwhelm management, communication flexibility and influence, strategic planning, behavioural change, outplacement, and career transition. Karen is also an active committee member of the Women in Architecture network.

More about Karen can be found here.

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