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NAWIC Webinar – Personal Branding: Finding your voice on social media

Your personal brand determines how you are perceived in your professional network, acting almost as your ‘unofficial CV’. Developing your personal brand is a proactive way to showcase what makes you unique and separate yourself from the competition; opening the doors for new opportunities.
As the Covid-19 pandemic goes on, face to face interactions to communicate your personal brand will be few and far between for the foreseeable future. With most conversations around the built environment now taking place online, staying ‘visible’ and ‘connected’ digitally with your network is now more vital than ever before. Social media provides the tools to do so.
When done well, Social Media channels provide a wealth of opportunity to showcase your personal brand- share your skills, passions, values and most importantly your personality. Social media can help you build an audience, position yourself as an expert, and attract the opportunities you want.
Join this interactive webinar with communications specialist Tanisha Raffiuddin to learn more about how and where best to invest your time and energy on social media.
Tanisha will unlock her five-point social media plan with practical and actionable steps to:
·        Grow your online presence
·        Build your personal brand on social media
·        Leverage social media channels to showcase your expertise
·        Attract the right career opportunities, clients and collaborators
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