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NAWIC Webinar – Eco Architecture

Now that we are spending most of our time inside our homes, it is a good time to reflect on how we can improve them and our environment.

NAWIC is organising a virtual breakfast on the 2nd of July at 10:30 am where Natalie Black will talk about responsible retrofit and how we can make our houses more sustainable.

Natalie Black runs Enbee Architecture and Design. Her practice has a particular interest in low energy architecture, reusing materials and enhancing the fabric of the building to reduce heat loss; bringing down energy bills to lessen the impact on climate change.

She trained in Retrofit Co-ordination in 2015 and gained knowledge based on 100 case-studies to be able to offer her clients a responsible retrofit. This is to enhance the fabric of the building to reduce heat loss while using best practices to minimize the risks involved in this type of alteration of buildings.

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