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Fixed Mindset vs Growth Minset

We are very excited to announce the first of our  21st Century Leadership Skills Sessions.

Part of our Health and Wellbeing agenda, the event will explore how our mindset can be the determining factor between success and struggle and as such, how the right mindset can help us live a more fulfilling career and a happier healthier life .
Our remarkable speakers will also help us understand the need to nurture a Growth mindset in the context of 21st century leadership


18:00 Registration & Networking

18:30 Introduction by Pam Sherwood , NAWIC LDN’s Safety and Wellbeing Events Organiser

18:40 Harriet Waley Cohen – Not Good enough Epidemic

19:00 Lara Khalaf – Feminine Empowerment

19:20 Maria Coulter BEM– Neuroscience of Success

19:40 Q&A

20:00 Networking

21:00 Close



“There is a lot of talk out there about mindset; it’s almost a buzz word these days and it is super important and paramount to your success and almost the common denominator in “The Confidence Gap”.

We have three truly amazing speakers who are going to introduce some provoking concepts of mind-challenging nature in how to break down the barriers of success and turn Lead into Gold. Our mindset greatly affects our level of achievement, triumphs and what we endeavour to venture on this journey called life.

Being a Woman in Construction and in the minority, it has its challenging moments but mostly victorious. Having made undeniable progress in the industry, women are making many boundless unfolding changes, especially over the past decade.

But the Confidence Gap doesn’t just affect women in rising up and recognising their self-worth but it touches each and every one of us in our career. A fixed mindset is where people believe their qualities, their intelligence or maybe their talent as their only traits and they spend their time documenting them instead of developing them. Conversely, people with a Growth Mindset believe that their basic talents can be developed through determination and hard work, but this is just the beginning. This view creates a love for learning and resilience with a sense of accomplishment and drive for every challenge.”

Text by Pam Sherwood, NAWIC LDN & SE Safety and Wellbeing Events



Maria Coulter BEM aka The Construction Coach – Neuroscience of success

Award winning coach Maria Coulter BEM, is better known in the industry as The Construction Coach. Both in her role as coach and as Non-Executive Director at the Construction industry Council,  Maria is on a mission to facilitate a revolution in the Construction Industry by promoting a race to the top.

Maria works with SMEs and micro-businesses helping them maximise their profits and stand out from their competition. She has a clear understanding of how our unconscious mind can either help or hinder our path to success and uses techniques based in Neuroscience to helps individuals step outside their comfort zone while identifying who they truly are.


Harriet Waley Cohen – delivering Thoughts On The ‘Not Good Enough Epidemic’

Harriet focuses on the Epidemic known as Imposter syndrome a Secret self-doubt whirl wind, secret self-loathing at times that can be baffling and draining to the mind and often builds a barrier and imposes self-destructive thought processes which is far removed from enhancing self-growth. It is time to say ‘Goodbye, Not Enough’ and for you to finally start believing in yourself and make friends with that inner critic.


Lara Khalaf – Lead, Inspire, Impact – Feminine Leadership and Empowerment

Helping organisations develop their talent to be more confident, realise their potential and enhance their contribution. Lara has created a TEDX talk on sharing her experience of how she went from coming to the UK without speaking the language to speaking on TEDx, the never ending doubts that constantly consumed her, to the challenges of being recognised as a powerful female leader, to preparation skills and tips that empower other women to rise and speak their truth. Lara’s three key areas of expertise is Confidence: is it really confidence what one needs?

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