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For this year’s regional conference we decided to run a series of events and social media-based actions under the thread “Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake”
The conference will have a focus on sustainability and wellbeing and this action will sit under the thread of Remaking and will run on our Instagram account in parallel with our event  ” START FROM THE BASICS: REDUCE IMPACT BY EXTENDING LIFE ” (LINK) providing additional context for it.
Camille Gill is the Global Sales Development Manager at GoGreen Managed Services Limited, a company specialized in providing furniture a new life.
In this interview, Camille will talk to us about Circular Economy and how it can help shape the Construction industry to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Camille will share her insight working in this space and will give us ideas we can implement in our everyday.

Circular Economy is a term coined by architect and industrial analyst Walter Stahel in the late 70s  (link) and it has finally become part of our mainstream vocabulary in the past couple of years thanks to years of work by environmental organisations such as the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, books such as “Doughnut Economy” and teams within various industries which have taken the time to understand the role growth is playing in the current environmental crisis and are actively exploring ways to turn waste into gold. Even Freakonomics did an episode on the topic (LINK)

By frontal impact on our to every day, COVID 19 has brought the discussion around growth, waste, and Circular Economy to the forefront, and cities are looking to reinvent themselves by developing post-COVID, greener, blueprints. Amsterdam, for example, is said to be using Kate Raworth ‘s book (Doughnut Economy) as a blueprint for their post-Covid-19 model of living. (LINK)

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