NAWIC LDN&SE Conference Speakers: Annie Bowman

Annie Bowman, is the creator of Hoydens Workwear Ltd, a start up in the very early stages of life.  After having been a painter and decorator for 10 years, working long hours in trousers that didn’t fit properly, Annie decided to do something about it.  Working in areas dominated by men, women need to be especially careful to look professional and smart so that they stand out for their competency and not their gender.

Annie has developed a pair of trousers that she is confident will fit more women than the competitions’ trousers.  They will come in 3 leg lengths and eventually a wide range of sizes.

Their USP is comfort, with a stretch fabric and a waistband that will stop the undignified ‘builder’s bum’ problem.  The trousers will be suitable for anyone who works in a physically demanding job.  Attachable pockets are available in 2 different sizes for carrying tools or equipment, whether it is a spanner, a wallpaper brush or an ipad and thermometer.

The website will help raise awareness of women doing physically active jobs, in order to encourage school leavers and career changers to think outside the box.

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