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What is NAWIC?:

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is one of the world’s longest running organisations for women working in construction. Our growing membership reflects the range of roles available in the built environment and operates within the team spirit which is characteristic of our industry.

NAWIC UK and Ireland is a diverse Not-For-Profit Association with a presence in eight separate regions: Ireland, East Midlands, West Midlands, North East, North West, South West, Scotland and London and South East.

Each regional committee is represented at the national level and run independent programmes which respond to their specific contexts.

Who runs NAWIC?

NAWIC United Kingdom and Ireland is an unincorporated association of members which it is run entirely by unpaid volunteers operating in accordance to the NAWIC UK & Ireland rules.

We don’t have an office (only post boxes) and each one of us is working full time within the industry as part of an organisation or running our own businesses.

I would like to get involved but I don’t know how?

Firstly, a big Thank You! As a volunteering association, we rely on the proactive support of interested parties wishing to get involved and your help will be very welcome.

The easiest way in which you can get involved is by becoming a NAWIC member. Member Benefits include being able to join our regional committees and/or participate in the running of our programme of events as well as regional initiatives.

Within our region, our committee has access to an additional group of volunteers who have limited availability but key interests and who are key to help deliver our programmes and campaigns.

Our regions offer events which are open to non-members, should you wish to find out more or meet the team face to face

How can I sponsor an event in London and South East?

We appreciate your interest in sponsoring a NAWIC event and would like to thank you. The best thing is for you to contact your regional treasurer ( and explain what you would propose your sponsorship to consist of.

Our treasurer will then inform the rest of the team and identify possible opportunities.

How can I (or my company) become a member of NAWIC?

Currently, you should email our treasurer ( who will send you the details of payment. On receipt of the payment, you will be assigned a membership number.

We don’t issue membership cards because we want to keep our admin lean and maximise the resources we have.

What are the benefits of a NAWIC membership?

There are many benefits but the key ones are access to: affordable training, formalised networking, and best practice.

Further benefits HERE

How much does it cost to join NAWIC?
NAWIC has 3 types of memberships which are Student (£15 a year) , Individual (£46) and Corporate (£42 per membership with a minimum purchase of 5) (LINK)

How do corporate memberships work?

“11. The Committee may provide for Members to pay a Corporate Subscription fee where a number of people from the same organisation apply for membership in the same region. The Committee may set the amount due as Corporate Subscription fee annually and impose banding and/or any other limitation on the number of people in each corporate membership. Each Member whose subscription is paid as a Corporate Subscription shall be either an individual or Student Member as appropriate. If a Member leaves the organisation which has paid their Corporate Subscription, their Corporate Membership is transferable to another person in the same organisation and region, but not returnable. The Member who has left the organisation must pay a further individual (or student) membership fee (unless that person rejoins as a Member under a different Corporate Subscription arrangement).” NAWIC Rules (LINK)

How can I renew my NAWIC London and South East membership?

If you are a London and South East Member and have received an email reminding you that your membership is about to expire or has expired, email to receive instructions on how to renew this

We are working on automaising this but, for now, this is the best and most efficient way.

How can i communicate with NAWIC London and South East?
You can email one of us (LINK), you can use Twitter @NAWICLDN , Instagram @NAWICLDN, Linkedin (HERE)

How often do you organise events?
Very often. We generally try to run two events a month. Some months are businer and we then need to adjust. Please keep an eye on our calendar (HERE)

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