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For this year’s regional conference we decided to run a series of events and social media-based actions under the thread “Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake”

The conference will have a focus on sustainability and wellbeing and these actions, under both the thread of Reinventing (i.e. your career to adapt it to these new times) and the thread of Repurposing (i.e. adapting your context to be greener and healthier) will give you a unique opportunity for you to share tips which will be able to help many around the world.

COVID and Lockdown have made us very wary of proximity to other humans and our own living environment and this is impacting on our well being.

Furthermore, the recession which follows the restriction is likely to impact the careers of many of us.

With all this in mind, we will be sharing the Tips received from our network during the conference period (11/22 of October) on our Instagram account.

If you have something to say which others should listen, make a short video and send a DM to

Our guide script to help you as follows:My name is _______ and I am a ______. I work at _______ where I ______ . My tip for you to (make your home/office more sustainable/ live healthier/ Overcome your career challenges) is that you _________ . For more tips and to learn more about the work I do follow me on ______

Get involved!

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