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Built Environment Skills in Schools (BESS) aims to bring employers, educators, and young people together to tackle the skills shortage in construction.

Founded in 2015 by Kathryn Lennon-Johnson, they help educators with labour market information and help construction businesses engage schools in a more efficient manner , in order to deliver real difference.

The work they are doing is fantastic and Kathryn has been very kind to support our members by sharing, in more than one occasion, her experience on Schools outreach.

Today, it is time for us to help her by contributing to her 90 seconds video library. Please Read how:

Realtime labour market information provides teachers with average salaries, entry requirements, career progression and future industry trends for careers in all sectors.

The information itself is collected by the Office for National Statistics and provides an accurate picture of job roles across the UK, but it can be very dry and schools will rely on employers to relate curriculum subjects to future careers

1. This is your opportunity to bring that labour market information to life and show students a brief snapshot of your world and what it looks like

2. Get hold of a smartphone (through legal means, ideally) with video capability. If you’d rather use the video recorder on a laptop, that’s fine too. Either way, record yourself in front of a clean, blank wall with good lighting.

3. DO NOT talk directly into the camera! It can be too intimidating or uncomfortable for some viewers. You should be looking to the left or right of the camera, but it helps if you’ve got something specific to look at so you aren’t just staring into space. These videos look best when the camera isn’t too tight to your face, so perhaps ask a colleague to operate the video, and look towards them

4. Keep your video short and sweet. The questions below will give you a guide. Make your points succinctly and quickly, i.e. rehearse them first

5. Record somewhere reasonably free of background noise as that can’t be editing out when you’re talking. If you need to cough/fidget/look at your notes, just make sure you’re not talking at the same time, then we can edit it out

8. Upload your video to YouTube and link it to the BESS playlist for Teachers. You can also add it to your Teacher Webpages, as introductions to your live site broadcast and blog post, and for additional information in classroom competitions

Name and current job title
What does that job title mean? (this is a chance to explain technical parts of your role in layman’s GCSE-level terms)
Is this what you started out doing? (career progression, opportunities seized, etc)
Who influenced you? (teacher, relative, boss, TV show – whatever tells your story best)
What would I like about construction? (because you don’t know the audience, this is purposefully open to your interpretation to promote the industry)
What’s the worst thing about your job? (early mornings, on site in the rain… you don’t need to be too negative, but students like to hear the truth)
Where to next? (this might be career progression, but could be a big project or emerging

If you want to add a bit of an explanation about labour market information, people can give it a try here “

If you want to know how else you can support BESS, Read HERE

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