Committee Vacancies

Our region is growing exponentially and there is a lot of work to do for the few of us in the committee, hence we need your help!

If you would like to become a volunteer within NAWIC, have a look at the current vacancies list…please note that once you take on a role, you will be featured on our website.

As part of the committee, you will be able to get involved in the shaping of our programme and to grown and develop… as much as you want/can

This is the minimum we need in order to share the workload we currently have more fairly and make it as manageable as possible with our everyday commitments… all we ask for is that each volunteer takes ownership on their area of expertise and deliver at least this.

Should you want to do more, develop into a more senior role etc… this is fantastic. These roles will provide you with an access-level which will enable you to find your own space while supporting the region :

  • Twitter Manager (We would like someone (one person) with some experience using twitter and an interest in becoming our voice and to share our news, interesting articles, promote our events, share opportunities, and discounts, RTs etc We have a handy manual for twitter)
  • NAWIC LDN & SE Bloggers (In the new website we can tell stories, share news, report on past events…. we need 2 people who like writing to contribute to the blog 2 times a month each…once reporting about an event and the second time to share a current topic)
  • Event organisers (6 people) (each person to run one event during the 2019 calendar: from developing the programme for the day to finding a venue, speakers if necessary, setting the budget etc)

Currently, and except for some specific events, the 2019 calendar is penciled in by types of events only (business, members meet up, skills…etc) and we need 6 people to give 6 of those individual events shape.

  • Event support (6 people) (two events a year) … This would involve supporting the eventorganisers on the day only with refreshments, welcoming people etc

Remember, we need you to take on one of those roles and run with it. If you then want to do more, there are and will be many opportunities to do so. With this call, we are looking to find the help we need in order to share the workload fairly to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone

If any of these sound good, drop a line to
We are looking forward to welcoming you into our team

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