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A few weeks ago our chair, Cristina Lanz Azcarate, responded to the call of BBC Sheffield’s Kat Harbourne (Host of The Naked Podcast) who is looking for female experts to participate on BBC’s programming.

Below Kat’s response which she was happy for Cristina to share with all of you, here.

“Hello! Thank you so much for getting in touch.

At the BBC we are looking to expand our contacts – and it’s a personal mission of mine to make sure we are speaking to brilliant women (as well as brilliant men).

In my ten year experience as a journalist, I have found that women can sometimes be a bit reluctant to shout about the great work they are doing which is why I am happy to step in and help! I work for the BBC in South Yorkshire – so I am looking for local contacts, AND the BBC nationally is on the same mission.

If you are in South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire please fill in the below and email me at If you are further afield please send to and it’ll be seen by my colleagues working on the #5050project.

You may not be contacted immediately.



Twitter handle:

Phone (work and mobile) :

One line description of your expertise :


Nearest BBC studio location (if unsure please put your nearest city):

Additional languages spoken:

Are you happy to be contacted outside of normal working hours? :

Are you happy to be contacted by all BBC outlets – TV, radio, online? :

Do you give your consent for these details to be shared with the BBC (won’t be made public):

Topics you’re happy to talk about:

Longer description of your experience and expertise:

Have you done any media interviews before? (it doesn’t matter AT ALL if the answer is no, it just helps us to know so we can tailor the information we give you ahead of the interview)

(If you’d like to know more about @TheNakedPodcast head that way for more info!) Kat “

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