January Business Breakfast with Rowena Vaughan

Today the talented Rowena Vaughan, Creative Director of RJV Designs was our speaker at our first ever breakfast of 2019.

Hosted at the team at Marazzi Tiles, the event allowed us to learn from best practice in the context of online presence to both attract new clients and explain our company’s services.

The Marazzi team with Rowena

Attendees really enjoyed the presentation which led to an insightful Q&A where we exchanged tips on the ways our organisations use social media.

From here, we would like to thank Rowena and our generous hosts for such a wonderful event.

For those who did not get a ticket (we were fully booked ) here are some of the key ideas Rowena shared with us:

1.       To market your business you need to know who you are selling to and then tailor your brand look, logo, colours, photography and copy accordingly.

2.       If you can think of a tag line that identifies your business and use it across all platforms. Mine is ‘No fluff just sensible stuff’ #nofluffjustsensiblestuff

3.       Think creatively, how can you roll up your business into a package that makes your audience think – ‘ohhh interesting, I want to know more’?

4.       Ask yourself what makes you different than all the other businesses within your market.  And play that up.

5.       Social media levels the playing field – marketing for small business can be as effective as large ones if done well and it’s free!

This is a list of tools and websites she mentioned on the talk and which can help you manage both your online presence and serve you as go-to resources:

www.hootsuite (to manage postings across social media platforms) (a network with a lot of resources available) (a web address shortening device) (to manage postings across social media platforms) (to repost on instagram images by others ) (find out whether your images are used by others online)

The draft for the next breakfast has already been agreed (READ MORE) and will be taking place in April … stay tuned to get your tickets as soon as we create the Event Brite page.