Architecture of Incarceration, Danna Walker

How many times have you considered the colour of the walls in your bedroom, complained about the acoustics in a carridor or the lack of light in your living room?

Imagine that, one day, you find yourself living in a place where all walls look the same, where the noise and reverberation take over your thoughts, where walking through a corridor does not feel safe…. Would this place encourage you to become the best version of yourself as a human? How would it impact on your confidence, mental health, self worth?

Do we think these are sacrifices to be made in the name of “security” and “safety” or have others found better ways?

This is an amazing programme by Danna Walker in which , we guarantee, you will be transported.

If you are inspired and want to find out more, we have found this paper by Frieda Hackler, you might want to read (LINK)

If you want to read more about Halden Prison:

NY Times (LINK)

(Note: image of Danna belongs to Built by Us)

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